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What is Rinkt

Rinkt represents the next generation of powerful Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions.

Using advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies, Rinkt RPA can learn and perform tasks and access all kinds of information sources, just as humans do.

Automate works with any data type, digital or non-digital such as paper-based documents, structured and unstructured data, online systems, whether internal or external cloud-based systems, using standard browser access.

Rinkt Studio’s intuitive design enables anyone to design and create complete end-to-end automation workflows to perform any rule-based, procedural, routine and repetitive tasks, no matter how simple or complex.

No coding required; simply drag-and-drop functional activities using the Rinkt Studio and build powerful, intelligent process workflows.

The Rinkt platform comprises the following components:

  1. Rinkt Studio build automation workflows processes visually. Simply drag-and-drop all the activities necessary to complete the required tasks.
  2. Rinkt Portal schedules, distributes and controls the workflows created with Rinkt studio from anywhere and on any device. Rinkt Portal checks and reports on the status of every executed and running workflow process in real-time and keeps you fully informed, all in real-time.
  3. Rinkt Robot your automation buddy who will execute the workflow processes triggered by the Rinkt Portal. You may have more than one robot running to execute multiple workflows concurrently. Rinkt Automate Robots can run in either attended or unattended mode.