About activities

A workflow is a structured collection of actions that model a process. Each action in the workflow is modeled as an activity.

Most of the following activities have a set of properties in common like:

General Properties#

  1. Description The activity description.
  2. Disable Activity Disables this activity. This means that no action will be performed for this activity. It is useful when implementing to disable some workflow activities and check the result.
  3. Ignore Errors Ignore errors if the current activity is failing and continues with the next activity. Even if the workflow continues to execute, we still report the activities in the log, console or error window.
  4. Start message This is a message that is reported in the run log before this activity is started. It can be used to trace an activity by using expressions like "Windows calculator but 7 clicked : " + DateTime.Now + anyothervariable.
  5. Stop message This is a message that is reported in the run log after the activity has completed the execution.


  1. Display Name The display name of the activity.

Out Error#

  1. Output Error The exception that caused the activity to fail. It may be set to a variable of type Exception that may be created under Variables at the bottom of the workflow. It is useful when Ignore Errors is set for this activity to check any errors thrown by the activity.