Parallel ForEach

Enumerates the elements of a collection and executes an embedded statement for each element of the collection in parallel. The embedded statements are scheduled together and run asynchronously, but unless the scheduled activities themselves are asynchronous (such as messaging activities, InvokeMethod, or activities that derive from AsyncCodeActivity). They do not run on separate threads, so each successive activity will only execute when the previously scheduled activity completes or goes idle. If none of the child activities of this activity are asynchronous or go idle, this activity execute in the same way that a ForEach activity does.


Most of the properties on this activity can be set using an expression. That is why when we set a string value, we must put that string value under "".

ForEach Designer

Designer Properties#

  1. Item The item of the specified Values collection.
  2. Values The activity's collection of inputs for the execution of the Body activity action.
  3. Body The ActivityAction to be executed for each item in the Values collection.


ForEach Properties

General Properties#

See General Properties.


See Misc.

Out Error#

See Out Error.


Start 5 Browser windows

In this example, we start 5 browser windows, navigate to google, type "test" followed by an enter key and when all the browser windows complete their search, we display Done.