Save File Dialog

Displays a save file dialog.

Message Box designer


Import Variables properties

Dialog Properties#

  1. File Name The selected file path. In can be set to a default value, if we want that file displayed by default.
  2. Filter The file extensions to be displayed by default.
  3. Title See Designer Properties above.

General Properties#

See General Properties.

MessageBox Properties#

  1. Button The buttons to be displayed. Possible value: OK, OK Cancel, YesNoCancel, YesNo.
  2. Content See Designer Properties above.
  3. Image The image to be displayed. It can be any of the following possible values: None, Error, Hand, Stop, Question, Exclamation, Warning, Asterisk, Information.
  4. Title See Designer Properties above.


See Misc.

Out Error#

See Out Error.


  1. Result The dialog result after closing the MessageBox represented as MessageBoxResult.
public enum MessageBoxResult
/// <summary>The message box returns no result.</summary>
None = 0,
/// <summary>The result value of the message box is OK.</summary>
OK = 1,
/// <summary>The result value of the message box is Cancel.</summary>
Cancel = 2,
/// <summary>The result value of the message box is Yes.</summary>
Yes = 6,
/// <summary>The result value of the message box is No.</summary>
No = 7,


Import variable

In this sample, we start load var1 from Portal and display its value in a MessageBox.

"var1" must exist in the portal. To open portal, press on the portal button

Portal button

from the toolbar and navigate to "variables"

Portal variables