Creates a timer for a specified duration. When the activity's timer expires, the Delay activity completes its execution. We use it usually to delay some actions, like clicking on buttons when waiting for a window to become visible.

Delay Designer


Terminate Workflow Properties

General Properties#

See General Properties.


  1. Display Name See Misc.
  2. Duration Duration of the timer represented as HH:mm:ss.ttt(hours, minutes, seconds, milliseconds).

Out Error#

See Out Error.


Automating Rinkt Robot installation

In this sample, we automate the Rinkt Robot installer by clicking on the next buttons and at the end we wait for Finish button to become available and enabled before we press the last button. We use delay to wait for the finish button to become available.


Please make sure that you change the File Path to a valid path on your machine.

Also, we set Number Of Attempt for Get Details on Finish button to 1 so that we check the state of the button only once before we wait and try again.