Table Add Row

Adds a row to a DataTable.

Add Row designer

Designer Properties#

  1. Data Table The DataTable to add row to
  2. Row data Row data as a string array. E.g: {'str1', 'str2'}


Add Row properties

Azure Properties#

See Designer Properties above.

Additional Images#

  1. Images Count The number of images to be received after an object is detected. For instance, when an object is detected we may want to display the next 2 frames at 2 seconds between them.
  2. Interval Between (s) Interval between subsequent frames in seconds after an object has been detected to take a snapshot. For instance, if we want to take 2 more snapshots after an object has been detected at 2 seconds between them, we set this value to 2.

General Properties#

See General Properties.


See Misc.


  1. Stop on Invalid Row Stop execution when row array has more data than the number of columns.

Out Error#

See Out Error.


Amazon Reviews

In this example, we open an amazon product page and extracts all the negative reviews to a csv file. We use Table Add Row to add each review details as a row in a DataTable.