Change Url In Browser Tab

Changes the url in the current browser page. When using Rinkt Chrome/Firefox extension, it opens a new tab when "Open in new Tab" is checked.

New/Change Url Designer

Designer Properties#

  1. Open in new Tab Opens a new tab with the above url. This option works only when the workflow is run with Rinkt Chrome/Firefox Extension
  2. Url The new url for the tab.


New/Change Url properties

Web Event Main Properties#

See Designer Properties above.

General Properties#

See Web Event General Properties.


See Misc.

Out Error#

See Out Error.

Out Properties#

  1. Was Successful Returns true if the browser tab was switched successfully and false otherwise. If the value is set to a variable, the workflow will not be stopped when the activity fails. It may be set to a variable of type bool that can be created under Variables at the bottom of the workflow.


Open new Tab

In this example, we open Google, type "test", open "" in a new tab, open "" in another tab, switch the current tab to "" and remove the tab with "".