Form Submit

Calls form submit on the form containing the recorded web element(the web element returned from css/xpath search). For instance, we can set the element to any control within the form, and the activity will call submit on the parent form of that control. In the below example, we set the web element to google search text input control and trigger submit on the containing form to start the search.

Rinkt key event Designer

Designer Properties#

See Web Event Main Properties.


Get Html Element properties

Web Event Main Properties#

See Web Event Main Properties.

General Properties#

See Web Event General Properties.


See Misc.

Out Error#

See Out Error.

Out Properties#

See Web Event Out Properties.

Web Event Advanced Properties#

See Web Event Advanced Properties.


Google Search Form Submit

In this example, we set the Google input control text to "test" and trigger a search using tre FormSubmit activity.