Rinkt System Architecture

Rinkt Ribbon

Rinkt Studio#

Design your complete automation workflows visually, by dragging and dropping activities from your tool box, teach your robot to perform any task by simply recording the desktop or web actions that you use to complete the required task.

Once the workflow is ready and has been tested in Rinkt Studio, simply upload it to Rinkt Portal, from where you have total control in managing, scheduling and distributing workflow processes to Robots, anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

To upload workflow processes, click on the ‘Publish’ button from the toolbar under the ‘Design’ menu.

Rinkt Ribbon

Rinkt Portal#

Manages and controls all the workflows available in the Rinkt database and assigns the robots to the jobs when requested, either manually or though a schedule.

Controls the robots versions, updates, displays the completed, pending and running jobs with the corresponding details and allows updating of global variables shared by the robots and Rinkt Studio.

Rinkt Robots#

The Rinkt Robot is your very own personal assistant who will execute all of your time-consuming and routine tasks, anytime, anywhere, efficiently and error free.

Rinkt Robots can execute as many workflows as necessary, to complete the desired task, and can operate in one of two ways:

Attended, where you can interact with the Automate Robot to provide additional information, confirm a transaction, and update variables.

Unattended, where the robot will execute the workflow without intervention, and will log and report the status on completion.


For desktop automation workflows, a user must be logged in. This is a limitation of windows, and as a workaround a Virtual Network Computer (VNC) server can be installed with an autologin user.

For any internet browser actions that may be required, the Robot can use the Google Chrome or Firefox extension, or the ‘web driver’.

A web action is any interaction that you may have with a web browser, for example, clicking on a button, emulating keystrokes, inputting data.

Rinkt Browser Extension(Chrome/Firefox)#

The Rinkt Browser Extension performs any browser interactions, the same way that you would do to accomplish a specific task. Such actions would include keyboard or text input, button or link clicks, mouse movement and positioning, menu selection etc.


For attended robots it is recommended that you use the Rinkt Chrome Browser Extension.

Rinkt Web Driver#

The web driver performs the same actions as Rinkt browser extension and is used by unattended robots.